Men are often scared when they start to notice any balding. Many men and women also share issues with thinning hair and pattern baldness as well. It can definitely cause of low self-esteem among sufferers constantly looking for a hair loss solution that actually works! That’s what is so great about scalp micro pigmentation.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Often referred to as SMP, it is a modern and innovative hair loss treatment that gives the appearance of more hair. SMP does NOT provide hair growth, but rather focuses on the psyche that hair loss ultimately affects.

Often referred as a “hair tattoo“, medical hairline tattooing, hair simulation, or follicle replication… in the end, it’s simply the art of creating the illusion of real hair follicles through micro pigment impressions.


Although there’s a huge number of hair loss treatment solutions such as messy fibers, simply wearing hats, weaving and follicular hair transplant, and many others, none of those offer a permanent solution. The great thing about SMP is it is non-surgical, non-invasive, and provides INSTANT results.

A good practitioner or artist can seamlessly blend the micro ink impressions in with one’s natural hair making it hard to distinguish the different between the real hair and pigment.

Many companies and products out there have made numerous false claims poaching on hair loss sufferers. They often make individuals believe that by using a certain product their hair will be able to regrow, desperate for a solution, the sufferers often give in an purchase the products, only to learn it doesn’t in fact make their hair grow.

Scalp micropigmentation offers no false claims and produces the desired effects.

This treatment really is a game changer, as it provides instant and amazing results, as well as requires little maintenance aside from the general aftercare instructions and making sure to wear sunscreen. There’s no more use for expensive hair products or wasted time on styling. 


What You Need to Know Before Starting Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation has been growing in popularity year by year. Although for certain individuals and demographics there are some things to consider. We will go over some of the critical issues you need to know and how to determine if it’s the go-to option for you.

Does the procedure hurt?

Understandable, most people want to know if the procedure is painful since SMP involves needles and pigment getting inserted into the skin of the scalp. Most of my clients have described it more as temporary discomfort, rather than pain… although it does depend on one’s tolerance to pain. Those with issues such as acne, sensitive skin, or psoriasis should avoid SMP since it’s difficult to treat flared up skin. 

What type of aftercare is involved?

Most individuals need 2-4 sessions to get their desired look perfected and looking just right since the treatment is a layering process. It is VERY IMPORTANT that in between treatments you do not use go swimming, take too hot of showers, or use a sauna or steam room since it may affect the outcome of your procedure. Also you need to make sure to avoid direct sunlight in the first week.

After the final session, you should avoid excessive sweating through sauna/steam rooms or heavy  exercise as well as ensure you properly moisturize the scalp during the healing process. Also be sure to wear sunscreen in the years to come to expand the life of your treatment.

Cost and Risk Involved

The treatment typically costs between $1500-2500 depending on the case of hair loss and treatment necessary. It is considered semi-permanent as it can last between 7-10 years. Over time, the skin naturally exfoliates and fades / ages with you.

As with other types of tattoo procedures, there is a risk of allergies and reaction to specific components of the pigment administered, so that’s important to remember if you’ve had any reactions to ink/pigment before.

You also want to carry out your due diligence on reputable practitioners and artists ahead of time. SMP doesn’t require any formal training, so do your homework to find someone with a good portfolio of work and preferably find a hair loss case similar to yours with your desired results within their work to best match what your expectations should be.

It is important to note that this is doing something [semi]PERMANENT to your head and if you go to an unexperienced practitioner, a botched job could be worse that the hair loss issue itself.


SMP is now the #1 leading hair loss and hair thinning treatment since it is affordable, non-invasive and provides guaranteed results. However, dependent on personal or individual preferences, one should do their homework and prepare for the pre/post treatment care involved. Also, ask the practitioner all the burning questions to make sure they are the one to go with.